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To confirm the MTHFR she did have to pay for genetic tests to confirm. Lasting, 20 years ago my brother became very ill and it took 5 years for doctors to discover he suffered from Hemochromatosis, the form that is by hereditary. I was recently tested, I am a carrier. I am undergoing more tests in relation to Marfan Syndrome as MRI'S show I have two aneurysms; aorta just below the heart and in right carotid. I have suffered TIA's, mini strokes. About 12 since 2000. Some are extreme enough to make me look, act, talk as if I've have too much alcohol. This sounds like the story of my life, but thankfully I am now 76yrs. old, and feel like I have fought and conquered the battle. One has to take charge of their health and well being, and pursue what they think works for them. Often times I felt like I was educating the doctors.

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