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It follows that the only circumstances in which a vehicle can have no insurance is if it has a valid SORN; was exempted from SORN as untaxed on or before 31 October 1998 and has had no tax or SORN activity since; is recorded as 'stolen and not recovered' by the Police; is between registered keepers; or is scrapped. Motor insurers in the UK place a limit on the amount that they are liable for in the event of a claim by third parties against a legitimate policy. This can be explained in part by the Great Heck Rail Crash that cost the insurers over £22,000,000 in compensation for the fatalities and damage to property caused by the actions of the insured driver of a motor vehicle that caused the disaster. No limit applies to claims from third parties for death or personal injury, however UK car insurance is now commonly limited to £20,000,000 for any claim or series of claims for loss of or damage to third party property caused by or arising out of one incident. Some classes of vehicle ownership, or use, are "Crown Exempt" from the requirement to be covered under the Act including vehicles owned or operated by certain councils and local authorities, national park authorities, education authorities, police authorities, fire authorities, health service bodies, the security services and vehicles used to or from Shipping Salvage purposes. Although exempt from the requirement to insure, this provides no immunity against claims being made against them, so an otherwise Crown Exempt authority may choose to insure conventionally, preferring to incur the known expense of insurance premiums rather than accept the open ended exposure of effectively, self insuring under Crown Exemption.

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and Canadian drivers in Mexico. Whether your trip lasts for a couple days or a couple months, you can tailor your policy to the length of your stay, up to a year. Esurance: My first stop was at Esurance, whose focus has been on auto insurance, though they’re now covering other types of insurance products as well. Check to see if the company serves your part of the country; if they’re unable to help you, they’ll point you to someone who can their affiliates. For those areas they do serve, you’ll get a quote in 6 minutes. They’ve received several honors for excellent web usability, web consumer experience, technical innovation, long term service and support, and corporate equality.

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