10 Easy Ways to Generate Cash With Bulk SMS

A large number of corporate giants and smaller businesses are constantly in the quest for boosting their sales. In such conditions, the best way to handle any promotional campaign or exposure is by bulk SMS. Here are ten easy ways which can boost your marketing crusades and generate good revenues in the process –

Full-scale Advertising

Introducing a brand new product or service requires hardcore BULK SMS   promotion. For this, Bulk SMS services are the best way to initiate a call to action. Advertising any product with bulk SMS falls very economical and delivers the right exposure you have been looking for.

Special Offers

Have you seen ‘time-speculated’ limited special offers? Bulk SMS is the right platform by which you could do the same. Introduce limited offers on your products and send them out to your client list through affordable bulk messaging services.

Effective Business Introduction

Even if you have enough patrons for lucrative commerce, try and get more traffic by introducing your business in newer regions. Spreading the word in a new community with bulk messaging proves immensely cost-effective and gives a bolstering effect for upcoming deals.

Easy Follow Ups

Following up on your top clientele cannot get better with bulk messaging. Bulk SMS providers enable you to automate and customize the message sending process in a professional way and help you get more business from your previous customers.

Better Client Management

Retaining customers is also a forte achievable by bulk messaging. Attrition rates for customers are diminished by using easy bulk SMS by informing them about offers and deals. You could use simple messaging by asking them about delivery, fulfilling future orders timely, and more!

Wish Your Clients on Special Occasions

People might wonder how a simple message can give a lasting effect. By wishing your clients on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries or public holidays, you gain their trust and goodwill for extended periods. Most of your happy customers respond positively and remain steadfast to your organization subsequently.

Enable Payments from Debtors

Using a SMS service for reminding your nonpaying clients is the easiest way for recovering payments. No need of employing a tele-caller or sending emails that could get turned down. Sending repeated reminders to defaulting clients improves revenue and cash flow.

Announcing New Policies

You can be positively assured of making more profits while announcing new introductions and schemes via bulk SMS. Adjusting prices, notifying clients about changes and simultaneously exposing a greater audience to your services is achievable affordably with bulk messaging.

Special Holiday Schemes

There are a whole lot of festivals celebrated all through the year – especially in South East Asian countries. Why not make proper use of bulk messaging services to introduce new holiday schemes for your clients? Quick sales are generated effortlessly during the holidays, and bulk SMS is the apt medium to do just that!

Referrals to Your Website

New prospects can be referred to your organization’s website which will rake in more traffic. Increased visitors on your portal imply more chances of magnetizing patrons, and this means easy generating of revenues. Adding a discount code or giving freebies also bolsters the overall effect.


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