A ninety pound woman, if she’s fit, can kick the crap

A ninety pound woman, if she’s fit, can kick the crap out of a 300 pound bruiser.

The same ninety-pound woman will never get a broken nose or lose any teeth while crap-kicking.

When defusing a bomb or other explosive device, and there are five minutes on the timer, go ahead and have a conversation with someone else. Wait until the timer gets down to 2 or 3 seconds before cutting that last wire.

When typing on a computer keyboard, type as fast as you want and don’t look at the keys, even while talking on the phone. You’ll never make a mistake or have to backspace. This is especially important when time is short and you’re writing a complex hacking program or tying into a security video feed.

When you are stealing data from someone else’s computer, the minute you log on you will see exactly the files you need, conveniently displayed, and the printer will always be ready.

Hardly anyone in the movies uses Windows on their computers. Their screens are much prettier than Windows, but no one in the real world has ever seen them… yet the characters know exactly how they work.

In the movies, everyone in the world uses Apple laptops.

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