A person Piece: ten People You Did not Know Boa Hancock Could Defeat

Not quite a few One Piece fans price Boa Hancock as among the list of strongest figures about. Effectively, this wonderful empress actually can hold her possess.

SEP 08, 2020

The leader in the Kuja Tribe as well as the Empress مانجا العرب  of Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock, also known as the “Snake Princess,” can be a fearsome pirate from the Just one Piece earth. On the incredibly youthful age of eighteen, Hancock turned the empress in the Kuja and right after only one voyage, had a bounty of 80 million berries slapped on her head.

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Quickly, Hancock was presented the placement of the Shichibukai all because of her may well as among the list of strongest while in the Tale. Although everyone knows how ferocious Hancock is often in combat, number of know the correct extent of her electric power. Here are ten 1 Piece figures you didn’t know Boa Hancock could defeat.


Also referred to as White Chase, Smoker is Probably the most outstanding associates of your Navy and just one of their Vice Admirals. Ahead of the time-skip, he was a Marine Captain and once the Paramount War, he exclusively questioned for just a transfer on the G-five Unit in the New Earth.

Smoker is a user of your Moku Moku no Mi, a Logia kind of Devil Fruit that enables him to become smoke and develop it at will. He is also an honest user of two Haki types, nonetheless, he is barely a obstacle for Boa Hancock, due to her Kuja Haki.


One of the most fearsome men and women in the ranks of the entire world Govt, Magellan is the previous Warden of Impel Down. Owing to him, the prison was in a position to comprise some of the most heinous criminals, that is, until finally Hancock led Luffy in and all hell broke loose.

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Magellan’s use of Doku Doku no Mi may possibly مانجا make him challenging to choose down, but he stands absolutely no likelihood against Boa Hancock’s elegance. Along with her Mero Mero no Mi powers, Hancock can turn him to stone within An immediate.

Donquixote Doflamingo

A former Shichibukai akin to Hancock herself, Doflamingo was the King of Dressrosa and The person known as the Heavenly Demon. He was very powerful, as observed through the Dressrosa arc where by he fought countless enemies.

Although there is no denying that Doflamingo is strong, his Haki was quite weak and unable to do any damage to Luffy in Equipment 4. All of his powers ended up, kind of, ineffective towards Equipment 4, and considering the fact that Hancock is thought to get the strongest Kuja Haki user, it would not become a stretch to claim that Doflamingo would end up shedding to her.

Charlotte Cracker

The tenth son of Big Mother, “Thousand Arms” Charlotte Cracker is a person using a bounty of 860 million berries on his head. He was highly effective more than enough to struggle and overwhelm Luffy in his Equipment 4th condition, something which Doflamingo didn’t do.

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Whilst Cracker is strong, his major asset is his power to produce infinite Biscuit Soldiers which Hancock, together with her electrical power, would have no hassle addressing. Furthermore, Cracker is thought not to be able to tolerate soreness, and a good Perfume Femur from Hancock should do the trick.

Edward Weevil

A different member with the Shichibukai, Edward Weevil stepped forth after the time-skip and began searching down the allies on the Whitebeard Pirates. His actions acquired him a bounty of 480 million berries, that’s Rather a lot.

The precise extent of his powers isn’t recognized and Regardless that he draws comparisons to younger Whitebeard, he’s still under no circumstances been witnessed in an actual fight. Hancock, becoming one of many strongest Shichibukai, would undoubtedly be able to get him on in battle.

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