Anti Aging Facial Care Mistakes

Unfortunately, more people fail than succeed with anti aging facial care products. And this isn’t because anti aging facial care doesn’t work; it’s just that most people end up choosing products that are ineffective. There are solutions to aging skin, you just need to know what your getting yourself into. Here’s the most common anti aging facial care mistakes people make.

1. Are you buying all of your anti aging facial care products at your local drug store or pharmacy?

Naturally, you’d think that the best place to get anti aging facial care products is at your local pharmacy or drug store. But these are actually the WORST places to get skin care products of any kind. Why? For a few reasons:

*Most of the products are of low quality (which is why they are so cheap!)

*It looks like you have a wide selection to pick from, but your really don’t.

*The products sold here are only the best-selling ones, but that’s just because they are cheap, name-brand, are easily available to consumers.

*Cheap skin care products tend to contain toxins and chemicals that do more harm then help for your skin. Ex. parabens, fragrances, some alcohols, mineral oils.

2. Are you buying anti aging facial care products that are not made with all-natural ingredients?

It’s a well-known fact that all-natural ingredients are the best substances to apply to your skin. They have been used since ancient times for their wonderful benefits for the skin. Natural ingredients work in synergy with your natural oils and moisturizers and are accepted well by your skin. Plus, you most likely won’t get any negative reactions when using them (except if you are allergic to them).

3. Do you purchase anti aging facial care products that actually have collagen and elastin as ingredients?

This is a BIG no-no. Skin care companies that include collagen and elastin in their products are just taking advantage of the misinformation of consumers. Many people understand the importance of collagen and elastin (which is what makes your skin firm and flexible) but do not understand that these proteins are too large to be absorbed into the skin. So applying an anti aging facial care product containing collagen and elastin does nothing to boost your natural protein levels in your skin.

HOWEVER, it is important that you use anti aging facial care products that encourage the production of collagen and elastin.Bio-identical HRT Newport Coast  As you get older, your body does not create as much of these proteins as it use to. And as you can imagine, less collagen and elastin in your skin makes it easier for wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and other aging signs to form.

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