Barnes and Noble NOOK EBook Reader Review

When the Barnes & Noble Nook was first unveiled in October 2009, it was eagerly anticipated by many people because it offered some features which weren’t available on Amazon’s Kindle e-Book Reader at the time.

Despite the pre launch hype, the original Nook did have its fair share of problems, most notably slow response times and software bugs. Barnes & Noble got to work on fixing these issues and released software updates which resolved many of them.

The latest Nook has been improved significantly from its first edition. It’s smaller, lighter and features a new touch screen for better navigation. With the Nooks advances in both software and hardware, can it outdo its main competitor – the Amazon Kindle? Read on to find out.

Features of the Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader

Stores 1500 books
Over 1 million titles available
Reads in Sun light
Connect using Wi-Fi or use Free Wi-Fi access at any AT&T hotspots
Neonode’s Zeforce infrared touch technology
Long battery life – Up to 2 months from a single charge
Hands on

Straight out of the box, the new Nook looks impressive. It’s 35% lighter than the first edition, the difference when holding it is remarkable. It’s comfortable to hold with only one hand due to its size and weight. When holding it for long periods, it does get a bit heavy though so propping it up somewhere is advisable.

The e-Ink display is crisp, clear and has a great contrast. The print is slightly lighter than on the Kindle, but the difference isn’t big. When turning pages, the screen refresh is noticeably quicker than the first Nook which does a lot to improve the overall reading experience.


The color touch screen is nice. It allows you to see book covers and navigate through your books with a touch of a finger. It is slower than an iPhone touch screen, but the response time is still adequate enough. The good thing about this feature is, it doesn’t involve making smudge marks on the reading screen SheSpeaks as the touch screen is a separate screen beneath.

The ability to organize your book collection by categories is a very welcome feature which comes in handy.

Wi-Fi Access

The Wi-Fi can be accessed either through your own Wi-Fi connection or for free using AT&T hotspots. It allows you to connect to secured networks unlike many other e-Book readers which restrict you to unsecured networks.

The web browser is good for mobile sites, such as the mobile version of email services. If you view standard web sites, then you need to pan to each side to view the whole page so it makes browsing a little awkward.

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