Beware of Online Marketers Using the Words Success, Wealth, and Rich in Their Online Marketing

It is amazing how many online marketers flood their websites with words like success, get rich, wealth, or other descriptive words of this type. In many industries these words and phrases using those words aren’t even allowed. For instance in the investment community stockbrokers, investment advisors, financial planners, retirement consultants, insurance annuity salespeople, bond traders, commodity brokers, franchise sales, and such aren’t even allowed to use those words on their websites, prospectuses, or their marketing material.

But since the online world of marketing appears to be much like the Wild West, and because there is little enforcement, millions of small online marketers think they can get away with this. It’s unacceptable, but since I can’t do anything about it, I thought you as a potential buyer of products and services online should know about this. That’s why you should beware anytime you are on the Internet, and perusing catalogs of products, or end up at a website that is selling some sort of service when you start running across these words over and over again in each consecutive paragraph.

Yes, caveat emptor, buyer beware – also raise an eyebrow when you see testimonials which appear down the page which are stacked with such words. There’s a good chance that those testimonials are coming from affiliate marketers who are posting testimonials on each other’s sites, selling other products and services within the same family of affiliate marketers. That is to say they are running around promoting and shrilling each other’s products and services. This is quite dishonest, but it’s going on all over the Internet. Personally, I’m somewhat disgusted with this and I wish it would stop.

However, since there is not very much enforcement with all these little companies, who probably aren’t making that much money anyway, but it seems to me that the buyers need to be more aware, and if they stop buying from these websites peddling their trinkets in such a way, that eventually these lowly online marketers will stop their dirty tactics. Personally, if you have an Internet home based business, and you are selling something online, I hope you will take heed to my advice, and do it right.

You may think that you can’t sell things online unless you hype everything in your marketing like everyone else. I would advise you to take the highroad, to do it right, and lead by example. If you do you will earn my respect, if not who knows, I may mention your rotten company in an upcoming article. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, because I’m watching.

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