Brief History of Persian Poet Rowdki, the Poet of the Samayan Era

General Description

Rowdki was the most famous artist of the Samyan period in Persian history. According to the assertion of well known history specialist Abdul Karim Bin Muhammad Esmani, his total name is Abu Abdullah Jafar Bin Muhammad Bin Hakeem Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Adam and Rowdki was his sur-name. He was brought into the world in a little town Banj, which is arranged in Rowdak city of Samarqand. Abu Abdullah Jafar got well known in the word with the connection of this city. His date of birth isn’t referenced in the set of experiences anyplace, be that as it may, the antiquarians composed his surmised date of birth. He kicked the bucket in 304 AH or 916 CE which presumably wrong.

Pin-image of Rowdki

Abu Abdul Rahman Rowdki was extremely keen from youth. He took in the sacred Quran by heart when he was eight years of age. Abu Abdul Rahman likewise educated the specialty of recitation of Holy Quran in the early age. At that point, he began verse and turned into an ideal Persian artist of Samayan time. Rowdki is otherwise called instructor of writers in the set of experiences. God-like Allah has favored him with a sweet and alluring voice. He began singing and playing Guitar. Abu Abdullah Jafar took in the information on music from artist instructors Bareed and Nakeesa. Before long Abu Abdul Rahman turned into a decent and mainstream musical artist. Thusly, he got place in the workplace of King Ameer Nasar Bin Ahmad Samani. He used to play Guitar in his office.

Daze by Birth

The majority of the Historians are in the assessment that Abu Abdul Rahman Jafar was visually impaired by birth. Persian writer Muhammad Aofi pronounced Rodwki as visually impaired by birth. In any case, a few students of history have portrayed that Rowdki become dazzle in the later phase of life. There are numerous discernment about his visual impairment. The verse of Abu Abdul Rahman Jafar shows that he got visually impaired in the later phase of life since he has utilized tones in his verse.

Explanations for Blindness of Abu Abdullah Jafar

Antiquarians have expressed two explanations for the visual impairment of Abu Abdullah Jafar Bin Muhammad. The reasons are affixed underneath:-

1) First Reason. Famous Persian writer Agha Saeed Nafeesi composes that a warm stick was placed according to Rowdki, which made his eyes dazzle. He didn’t create a strong explanation of his assertion. In any case, Nafeesi clarified his assertion and said that Rowdki was experiencing eye illness “Khonsa”. Khonsa is an eye infection which decreases the vision bit by bit. Individuals used to put a warm stick for its healing. Along these lines, a warm tick was placed according to Abu Abdullah Jafar, in any case, some recklessness happened all the while, which caused him dazzle.

2) Second Reason. The history specialists additionally portrayed a second explanation of Rowdki’s visual deficiency. Abu Fazal Balghami was serving in the workplace of King Ismail Bin Ahmad Samani, who was the closest companion of Rowdki. At the point when Islamil eliminated Abu Fazal from his office, Ismail likewise rebuffed his shut partners and companions. It is likewise presumed that Ismail Bin Ahmad has placed warm tick according to Abu Abdullah Jafar on this record and made him daze.

First Appointment

At the first run through, Rawdki began work in the workplace of King Nasar Bin Ahmad Samani. In spite of the fact that, Rowdki didn’t utilize the name of lord Nasar Bin Ahmad in his verse, in any case, the students of history have portrayed his quality in his office. Once, the lord Nasar delayed his visit at Herat (presently in southern Afghanistan). Individuals mentioned Abu Abdullah Jafar to persuade the lord for re-visitation of old neighborhood. Rowdki composed a sonnet where he welcomed the consideration of King Nasar towards the issues of individuals and the lord got back to his castle soon. Abu Abdullah Jafar additionally composed sonnets for Ameer Abu Jafar, who was the legislative leader of Seestan (presently in Iran).

Individual Poets

Abu Abdullah Jafar is the traditional Persian artist. Following are a portion of his kindred artists:-

1. Shaheed Balkhi

2. Ghairul Adi

3. Abu Mesal Bokhamai

4. Muradi

5. Abu Abbas

6. Joyari

7. Khobazi

8. Abu Ishaq

9. Neeshapuri

10. Abu Zaraga Gorgani

11. Amara Marozi

Reason of Fame

An exemplary verse, sweet voice and unmatched authority over the playing of guitar turned into the explanation of Rowdki’s acclaim. It is for the most part thought about that the name of Samanyan is live in the set of experiences because of the verse of Rowdki. All extraordinary artists of Samanyan period have applauded the verse and craft of Abu Abdullah Jafar.


Rowdki has a smart heart and delicate nature. He adored the individuals and sympathizes with their agony. Abu Abdullah Jafar exhorts the individuals in his verse and says that conditions of the world remaining parts as before, it changes occasionally. Consequently, we ought not stress over it. Rowdki loves the world and its profits yet in addition exhorts the individuals for tolerance since world and human both are mortal.

At the point when the child of his dearest companion Abu Fazal Balaghmi passed on, Rowdki composed a sonnet where he exhorted him for persistence. He prompts for taking profit by the blessings of Almighty Allah in this world yet never become pleased with it since everybody needed to leave it. Abu Abdullah Jafar appreciated basic and straight forward life. He prefers straightforward individuals and aversions fakers.

Attributes of Poetry

The incomparable Persian artist Nizami Arozi Samarqandi says that the verse of Rowdki extremely successful. It impacts on the core of the perusers. Nizami further portrayed that once ruler Nasar Bin Ahmad Samani delayed his visit during summer season at Hera. Individuals got disturbed there. They gave 5,000 Dinar to Abu Abdullah Jafar and mentioned him to persuade King for re-visitation of old neighborhood. Abu Abdullah Jafar composed a sonnet and sang it in rhyme “OSHAQ” for King Nasar. At the point when Abu Abdullah Jafar sang the final expression of the sonnet, the ruler concurred and re-visitation of royal residence. It was the qualities of his verse.


Persian writer Muhammad Aofi says that Rowdi has thought of 100 books of verse. Maybe, the statement of Muhammad Aofi may be correct on the grounds that Abu Abdullah Jafar was rich sonnet author. The antiquarians portrayed that Rowdki has interpreted the famous Arabic book “Kalila wa Dimna” in Persian looking like verse. Nonetheless, it isn’t accessible as of now. Just a single Divan of Abu Abdullah Jafar is as of now accessible.

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