California Bearing Ratio [CBR] Test Machines


The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test is a degree of the energy of subgrade soil and motorway sub base and subgrade via a penetration check.
It’s far designed for testing cohesive substances with a particle length less than 19mm, in Australia the governing widespread is AS 1289.6.1.
Automated CBR check machine
Utest’s committed, computerized CBR system is composed of a robust and compact two column body with an adjustable top crossbeam pushed via an electromechanical ram of maximum 50 kN capacity and a statistics acquisition and processing gadget.
Rapid adjustment of the platen is likewise provided by up and down buttons which can be positioned at the the front panel of the device. cbr testing
The version is supplied whole with a 50 kN load cell, penetration piston, linear potentiometric displacement transducer (25 mm x 0.001 mm).
Multiplex device with CBR fixtures
An opportunity to a single purpose machine is a Multiplex machine with accessories for CBR. The specs are just like a unmarried purpose tool, however the unit also can complete unconfined compressive strength of soil, and sundry asphalt checks. For more details please visit the committed product web page.
Datalogging and Outputs
The U-touch pro manipulate unit will offer a real time graph of check parameters and operates the gadget in displacement manage. Rather, an operator can use dedicated computer software to gather facts at some point of exams and export raw measurements or custom pdf reviews of the final results.
CBR Output
Area trying out systems – usa0865Field testing systems
Onsite evaluation of base and sub base is plausible due to area CBR trying out. Sites un-disturbed via construction interest are maximum favored while acting the field test. It’s also viable to saturate take a look at web sites to gather conservative facts.

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