Candles For Children We Have Lost

For most women, having a baby and being a mother is the best experience – a miracle some would say. After nine months of pregnancy, a new role is vested upon their shoulders. And the succeeding days, nights and months would be filled with late-night cradling, crying, laughing and feeding. But all these seem not to matter for as long as the baby’s healthy and happy.

But for reasons beyond our control, our precious little angels can be gone. So are the chances to see them grow, go to school, children’s lighting enjoy the teenage years, see them going steady with their chosen partners, get married and start a family of their own – and to laugh and to cry. All are gone except for the memories that we will forever treasure in our hearts and minds.

The sadness and the heartbreak of losing a child is never an easy journey. It’s painful and hurtful. And though life must go on, for the sake of our family, especially the children who’re still with us, losing a child will forever leave a mark with our lives. We may not think of it constantly nor feel the pain and sadness within – it forms a special bond between parents who suffered the same loss.

Perspective wise, October 15 is not a celebration but more of a commemoration. However, if we find it in our hearts to remember that our beloved children are in a much better place, then lighting a candle in observance of the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is one good way to show and share love.

So on October 15 at 7pm, light your candles and remember that there are angels who are watching over us. We ask everyone to support this candle lighting vigil, whether you suffered loss or blessedly and thankfully not. If only through this little way that we can express our love to our departed children, then light your candles and keep if burning for at least one hour. This campaign is also dedicated to those parents who are still mourning. After all, no one understands better that those who have suffered the same pain and anguish.

We ask everyone to show support and honor. Light your organic candles and soy candles and keep the fire the burning in memory of our departed children.

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