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Interior Design VS Interior Decoration

Reality television has completely revolutionized the interior decoration industry. There are now numerous shows on renovation and design, with most of them emphasizing the home. However, most people believe the term interior decoration is synonymous with interior design. Interior design evolved from interior decoration, but it is far more complex. Those in interior design actually ….  Read More

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‘Combat’ And ‘Fighters’ Magazines – Martial Artist of the Decade Awards

Resounding eulogies preceding the most prestigious ‘Lifetime’ Awards at the ‘Combat’ and ‘Fighters’ Magazines Hall of Fame Ceremony at Aston Villa Football Club’s Banqueting Suite, Birmingham U.K on Saturday 26th November 2011, likened recipients to Past Greats in their respective Arts. My ears pricked up noticeably at the mention of Yip Man (Bruce Lee’s Teacher) ….  Read More