Killing Animals Is Killing the Planet. Here’s Why…

Consider some of these data:
Animal agriculture makes use of a whopping 56 percentage of water inside the United States. In truth, just one hamburger requires 660 gallons of water to produce—the equivalent of two months’ really worth of showers.
Because animals are so densely packed on present day commercial farms, they produce more manure than can be absorbed through the land as fertilizer. The runoff from those facilities grossly contaminates rivers and floor water.
Animal agriculture is culpable for almost 91 percent of Amazon destruction according to The World Bank.
Raising animals for food (which include land for grazing and growing feed vegetation) now makes use of over one-thirdof the earth’s landmass.
Factory farms have created greater than 500 nitrogen-flooded lifeless zones at some stage in the arena’s oceans.
Raising animals for meals produces greater greenhouse gas emissions than all the motors, planes, and other types of transportation blended.
Animals raised for food produce 7 million kilos of excrement each minute.
A pound of red meat requires 13 percent more fossil fuels to produce than a pound of soy.
Overfishing is pushing our oceans to the edge of crumble, with over ninety percent of large fish at hazard for general extinction.
But there’s correct information too! Going vegan immediately cuts your CO2 emissions in half and spares infinite animals from an entire life of suffering on manufacturing facility farms.

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