MacCourt Window Well Cover

Window well cover provides the best protection against damage from rain, wind or shower and keeps away debris and critters from sticking to the basement window wells. This cover provides protection, reduces the amount of water going to the basement by providing the protective cover or bubble over the window well. During the storm, egress window well covers protection prevents any flying object from slamming into the low-basement windows and breaking the glass.

Most of the homeowners are searching for window cover protection nowadays. The window covers always provide protection for the basement windows against any damage. These are lightweight and are easy to install. One should make sure that the construction of egress window well covers must colorful chair covers be of super sturdy acrylic plastic that will ensure protection against any odds. These are virtually free of maintenance and can be cleaned with dish washing detergent.

This cover provides additional insulation to leaky or drafty basement and egress windows. The crucial factor is the proper fitting of the well cover. One must be cautious about this aspect. He must have the correct dimension before ordering for a well cover protector. Well cover requires customization to fit in any window well. Pipes, wires or downspouts, do not create a problem for professional egress window well covers manufacturers. Once they get the proper dimension, they will provide the proper fitting, well cover. Numerous companies are there in the market for the manufacture of well covers. MacCourt basement window well Covers are amongst them.

MacCourt basement window well covers are constructions of weather-resistant plastic. This provides the best insulation keeping away rain, snow and debris. Their well covers provide 5 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. The Heavy Duty covers (W4419) 1 year warranty against Manufacturer’s defects. This company provides well covers in 28 different sizes.

First, one needs to measure properly for proper fitting, well covers. The extension of the window is over the top of actual window well. The bubble well cover will suit the window size. If the window is entirely below the ground level or top of the window well, then low profile or flat style window cover will suit the window. Now we have to measure the actual window from side to the side where well meets the house. It now gives the width. Next we have to measure from the centre of the measurement right from the house to the widest end of well. This gives the complete projection. To measure the height, we need to measure from the same centre of the well to the top of the window. MacCourt basement well covers come in circular (half round) and elongated (U-shaped) and rectangle in shapes. For getting a perfect well cover, we need to have the correct measuring. We need to consider three things such as width, projection and height.

MacCourt provides different styles of the well cover protection. In adjustable bubble covers, we need to do the following things. We have to fasten flat brackets with slotted end of bracket pointing. Now we have to set cover in place against the house wall and on top of the window well casing. After marking the location of bending brackets, we need to bend the brackets. After removing bracket from cover, we need to fasten it to window well casing. Lastly, we fasten the cover to bracket.

In rectangular bubble cover, we will put the cover over well. Next we need to select the length of anchors or screws. We have to make holes in the flange as well on the house. Now with the help of plastic or lead anchors we will affix cover to the concrete wall.

In low-profile covers, we need to place the cover over well. We need to mark clip positions on cover. After, removing the cover we need to drill 3/16″ hole at marked position. Now we will mount clips to the cover using bolts and cap nuts. Now we will snap the window well cover onto the rim of the window well.

In egress covers, we need to follow the previous steps.

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