Most Successful Authors Today Rely On The Flip Side Of Marketing – The Web

This amazing new technology has totally revolutionized the marketplace, and more and more authors are taking advantage. It has flipped the way marketers market, the way promoters promote and the way writers wrestle their way to the top of the search engines panggungberita.

If you haven’t grasped this new concept, your book promotions will continue to flounder. Unfortunately too many in the book industry, from beginning writers in their twenties to old pros in their retirement years, are still bogged down in the antiquated approach of reaching out to find their customers.

Today’s Web surfer is reaching out for YOU. Starved for meaningful information, the burgeoning ranks of surfers turn to online sources rather than offline. The proliferation of web sites, blogs and digital feeds from print media offers unquestionable evidence of this trend.

Mastering Online Selling

The key to online selling is not simply announcing the availability of information or product as traditional marketing has always strived to do by placing news releases, obtaining press coverage and getting interviews.

The key is determining who is searching for that information and why.

Marketers have traditionally relied on a two-fold approach: creating demand for a product and then announcing its availability. In other words simply stating here I am and I have something that you might want. That doesn’t work on the Internet. The trick is to discover who is searching for the information or tangible product that you offer. Once you know that answer, you ferret out the triggers that will bring them to your web site.

Those triggers are the words or phrases that reflect what they are searching for and how they are telling the search engines to find it. It’s important to know where else they are searching so you can compare your success with the competition’s Once you know these answers, you open the floodgates and surfers pour onto your web site. That’s what the new industry of Search Engine Optimization is all about.

Using Keywords

You have heard the term “keywords” time and again. These are the words surfers use to find a source for the product they seek. Companies like Wordtracker and Nichebot have sprung up to help you determine the most effective keywords to move your product. They help you search for synonyms that surfers might use, and show you how many web sites compete using those terms?

With Search Engines monitoring millions of sites, the more frequently the keyword is used by others, the less chance you have to reach a meaningful position in the engines’ rankings. For example, I have found that the most obvious keywords in my own work, “retirement” and “writing,” are overwhelmingly competitive, forcing me to search far beyond them. It is imperative to raise your ranking on the engines. Research unfortunately has shown that unless your site appears on the first two pages of a search engine, half or more of the people searching will never find you. They look no further.

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