New Uses For Hair Dryers

Sure, you’ve used a hair dryer since you were a kid. Your mom made you do something about that sopping wet hair after you came straight out of the pool. As a teen, you experimented with the latest styles shown in the fashion magazines and on the red carpet. Maybe as an adult, the hair dryer became more of a utility item than a grooming tool.

Hair dryers are wonderfully useful. As you already learned, they’re a must-have tool to looking presentable (very few women can get away with air drying their hair). But there may be a ton of other great uses for that old dryer you have stored in the spare bathroom. Give these ideas a try:

Pre-warmer. If you live in a climate that experiences real winter weather, then you know it’s a real treat to wrap your hands around a warm mug of cider, cocoa or coffee. Simulate that effect by using your hair dryer to heat up your gloves, heavy boots, and hats before heading outside.

Thermal hair treatment. The winter can be especially harsh on women’s hair, which tends to be longer than men’s. After shampooing, add a protein or moisturizing treatment to your hair, mixing it in well. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap to seal it well. Use a hair dryer (away from any water) to heat up the coated hair through the protective plastic. The nutrients will be forced into the hair cuticle by the heat, giving you a better deep treatment than without.

Plant cleaner. Indoor plants can be hard to clean. Dust accumulates on the leaves leaving the surface dull looking and dirty. Compressed air (like the canned air used to clean computer keyboards) is one way to get the leaves clean, but the chemical odor can be overpowering. Try using your hair dryer on a cool setting, and gently sweep along the length of each leaf starting at the top. This trick should be gentle enough to protect your plants but still give new life to their looks.

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