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There are thousands of online marketing methods that you can use to explode your business, but only a handful of these are Beginner friendly. If your someone who has maybe 5 thousands dollars of capital to spend on your online marketing methods then I would suggest PPC or maybe Paid- inclusion into the search engines. But if you’re like the rest of us and you have little or no money to spend, then these top 2 online marketing methods are excellent ways for you to make sales.

1.)Profile Marketing – Curiosity Creates Sales

The first online marketing method that you top up online need to thinking about using is something that I call profile marketing. This is just like social marketing or web 2.0 – its just easier to understand. Profile marketing is simply creating a profile about yourself and attaching your website to your profile. People are known for being curious and wanting to know what some else is doing – its just human nature. You just have to make sure you have a good sales page on your website.

Here are 3 places to start your online profile marketing – Millions of people visit these types of sites daily.



Social Sites – myspace, facebook, youtube, etc.

Your main goal is to simply make as many friends as you can. All you have to do is simple participate in conversations. Never try to sell anything. Be helpful to every body. Be nice. If you’re using forums, you’ll be able to provide a signature file where you will leave your website link, which will lead your forum buddies to your products or services. If you’re using a blog, make sure that’s it related to your product and make sure your comments are valuable and not just some stupid sales pitch.

If you’re are using a social site, make sure that your profile tell others about yourself. You need to have pictures of you having fun, on vacation, at the mall – basically you just need to show people that you are human. And your objective is to build trust that way once they go to your website, they will feel comfortable about asking you for more details

2.)Article Marketing – “If you write it, they will Come”

Let’s say you write an Article about entitled “Why dogs make better house pets than Cats”. Now lets imagine that every month there are thousands of people who want a pet but they can’t decide on whether they want a cat or a dog. These people, quite naturally, will go on the internet and do a search. And guess what they’ll find. Yep. Your article on “why dogs make better house pets than cats”.

So now you’re getting thousand of prospects to your site every month. And if you write your article correctly and give people the option of emailing you if they have questions, you’ll be able to create thousands of new relationships with people who can potentially be your customer. Article marketing and Profile marketing are 2 of many of online marketing methods that can be used by beginners. There not hard and most importantly, they’re both free.

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