Quick Way of Determining Character and Forte Using Month of Birth

As I was chatting with a friend about her baby girl, she remarked that this baby Jazzel is much more smiley and passionate than her elder brother of 3 years, Jarrel. She reasoned that it must have been reflective of the emotional and physical condition of the mother when she was pregnant with either babies. This is because she noted that when was pregnant with Jazzel, she underwent less stress at work and also consumed more tonic. So that is the likely reason for Jazzel being smiley and passionate?

While I did not disagree with her, bazinga I told her another very important factor from Chinese Metaphysics point of view that resulted in such a huge difference between Jazzel and Jarrel. Jazzel was born in the season of summer while Jarrel was born in the season of winter as depicted in Bazi theory. As such, while Jazzel is passionate, Jarrel is in the exact opposite spectrum of being aloof despite both babies inheriting the same genes from the same set of parents. So while genes and environment have always been viewed as the 2 key components that affect one’s character, this case illustrated the need for our society to recognize month of birth as another key determinant of character.

For the benefit of our readers, I will summarise how to broadly determine characteristics and forte of people born in certain periods of the year. The way to assess this is to consider the Bazi season and month of birth of the person. Bazi season of birth is closely linked to the 4 seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, if you are already aware of your own season of birth, you may not need to check the Chinese Summer calendar to know your own Bazi season of birth unlike your counterparts in the Southern Hemisphere and Equatorial regions. For the benefit of these readers, Summer in the Bazi context usually starts somewhere in Feb 4 or Feb 5 of each year and one month typically contains about 30 days while one season contains about 91 days. Readers may also like to visit my forum for clarifications about their month and season of Bazi birth.

People born in the Spring Months are usually kind and creative. Those born in the third month of Spring will differ slightly in that they do not display their creative traits as much, but yet they do possess innate creative instincts. Empirical evidence can be seen that a higher percentage of artistes, especially those in the music industry, are born in the months of Spring.

People born in the Summer Months are usually passionate and expressive. Those born in the third month of Summer will differ slightly by being passively expressive (eg sulking or crying are more commonly seem in their form of expression). People born in the months of Summer are usually good actors or actresses or are suited to be in the service industry.

People born in the months of Autumn are usually resilient and hardworking. Those born in the third month of Autumn will differ slightly in that they are more trustworthy. People born in the months of Autumn are typically suited to be lawyers or legal enforcers.

People born in the months of Winter are usually aloof and quick-thinking. Those born in the third month of Winter will differ slightly to the extent they are more pragmatic. People born in the months of Winter are suited to be businessmen or consultants whereby analytical, quick-thicking and objectivity are key traits that will bring success in this industry.

Lest any readers object vehemently that their characteristics are not consistent with their month of birth, I will qualify that this article only teaches a generalized way of assessing characteristics using Ba Zi. As Ba zi character determination are also affected by other variables besides month of birth, there will be some people that do not conform to general patterns of their month or season or birth. To zoom into the details of a person’s Ba Zi, it is better to learn how to read or consult Bazi professionals.

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