Quran and Science – A Knowledge Controversy


the information discussion… ‘Deeni’ Taleem or ‘Dunyavi’ Taleem??

“Thou read the book day and night, yet thou read dark what I read white” (Verse Bible)

Peruse! In the Name of thy Lord and Cherisher… Also, Read! Thy Lord is the Most Bountiful. He instructed by the pen. Instructed man, that he knew no (92:1-5, Quran)

The earth has transformed into a combat zone. With Black-Birds and Harriers governing the fighting skies; with the dropping of nerve breaking bombs in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan; with the center shaking shouts of thousands of individuals of Ghaza Strip; with the stunning and brain roaring outrages of Abu Ghraib jail the world is by all accounts damned. In any case, what do we have aside from reviling the authorities who entitled Salman Rhushdi with ‘Sir’ or consuming our own roads in fights? Notwithstanding these, the conditions are lamentable to such an extent that numerous Muslim nations purchase even shots of straightforward riffle firearms from the west.

This doesn’t involve center complaint. Something that nearly blew the breeze out me was the point at which I heard a school transport driver telling a fifth grade kid that his school training was useless in the Hereafter and added further that “your MBA won’t go with you to the grave”. Who are these individuals who parcel information as ‘deeni’ and ‘dunyawi’, despite the fact that realizing that the torments of Muslims today in this world are because of their absence of information on numerous sorts? Don’t they realize that these were the Muslims who in a real sense made the world understand what science and arithmetic were? Will we presently consider another upset occurring in the Muslim World? An insurgency of illetracy for the sake of religion.


Quran as a proof to logical laws

The words “man” and “lady” have been referenced multiple times each in Quran. Human body has 46 chromosomes and is amazing that precisely 23 of these are acquired from ones mother and 23 from ones father. Nobody aside from a gynecologist can offer subtleties regarding this matter. God broadly depicted in 55:19-20, the “obstruction” between the oceans. Researchers have as of late found a boundary of ‘surface strain’ in water. Atlantic water has low salt and mineral thickness than Mediterranean Sea. Subsequently when the water of Atlantic sprinkle into the Mediterranean, the surface strain brought about by the diverse salt focuses pulls water back, hence keeping up the novel qualities of each. Who can depict this ayat of Quran aside from an oceanographer?


God expressed Alfred Wegener’s hypothesis of the moving landmasses in 27:88 and Einstein hypothesis of growing universe in 54:47. Indeed it is by and large present in Quran! Researcher are welcome to find the phases of undeveloped organism’s development in mother’s belly in 23:14 while geologists are recounted the seven skies and the seven natural centers in 65:12 and are educated regarding Dead Sea being the most profound segment of earth in 30:1-4. Crystal gazers are recounted the dark openings in 86:1-3. Indeed, even the hypothesis of relativity of time is referenced in 32:5. Further investigates show that each word in Quran alone has a novel amjad number and an interesting recurrence. http://quranteachersheffield.co.uk/

Would anyone be able to be an expert of this when God himself says “And there is no dry and wet thing that has not been referenced in Quran”? This is valid for the ones we call ‘Alime-e-Deen’ too. Aside from the one on whom this Holy Book was uncovered, Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), nobody bears the ability to know the whole Quran. Presently do you know why the Prophet called himself “The City of Knowledge” and why he said that if this Great Book was uncovered on a mountain, it would have “broke into bits”. Accordingly, if some arrogates who consider themselves knowing the whole of Quran really knew it, they would have been pieces at this point.

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