Streaming Technologies For Fun and Education

Streaming, in layman’s terms, is the ability to transfer data from source to destination with the objective of producing a steady and continuous flow of data, resulting in a smooth outcome at destination’s end. Perhaps the earliest form of this data transmission is via the radio. If you had your aerial pointing at just so, you enjoyed good music and clear rendition of the evening news. Otherwise, you were rewarded with white noise or an announcer who sounded like he was having a bad case of the hiccups stream info.

In keeping up with the growth of the internet, this form of technology has become the norm as many users prefer to enjoy music, movies, sports or news online. Downloading hefty files is not preferred due to bandwidths as well as data charges imposed by internet service providers. Whether it is via the computer browser or with the installation of a plug-in, a web user enters a web site and selects what he wishes to see. As the movie is loaded into his computer, he watches it. Whatever excess data loaded and not presented in watchable form is then buffered until needed. If data is not forthcoming quickly enough, the viewer is subjected to a disrupted movie. As such, the servers responsible to convert data for transmission as well as internet bandwidth play crucial roles in ensuring streaming works to its full effect. In order to enjoy high definition quality, data needs to be presented in uncompressed mode. This normally entails a vast quantity of data.

Although the entertainment world is probably the pioneer in pushing this form of technology, many other types of media have joined the foray. Borderless education is now a reality as students who previously had no physical access to latest education materials and techniques are now able to increase their knowledge and exposure. In response to man’s never-ending need to share information with friends and strangers, video sharing websites emerge as the new trend. Whether its purpose is for humor or humiliation, many upload their videos to these sites. Interesting enough, these sites serve as unofficial advertisement or marketing tools for many hopefuls to break into closely guarded worlds of arts and sciences. The power of the word of mouth is amazingly demonstrated as these videos achieve high hits and popularity votes based on the originality of their work.

The medical world has gained significant advantages through this technology as procedures are performed in full view of an internal and external audience. At times, diagnosis and treatments are carried out by lesser experienced staff whilst in the supervision of their more experienced colleagues via live telecast. Sufficient internet bandwidth is an essential factor to support these efforts.

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