Taking a Deeper Look Into Word Count

Word processors today are really useful for the users because they contain various features that automate the tasks that were done manually in the past. The elimination of those actions, we live a simpler life with lesser things to do. One of the best features found in word processors is the built in word count tool. This enables us to count all the characters in the document automatically. All you have to do is to click on the word count option and it will do the counting. In a second or so, you get the details that you need. You can also specify the area in which you would like to get the total number of words by simply selecting the parts and then do the word count.

There are also programs that have been specifically designed to perform word counting. What some people do not know is that when they are using an online word counter or a word count tool that they have downloaded from the internet is that the results may vary. This is because there are some tools that depend upon the definition of “word” for them. Examples are words that have hyphens, apostrophes and even the footnotes. There are some programs that include the footnotes when it comes to the counting process but there are also some that do not.

Your document might also have hidden text so the results will once again vary here. Some software applications do not include hidden text as part of the counted words or characters but there are others that do not. This is because the majority of them cannot detect hidden text. In addition to that, there are some that do not count the spaces and punctuation marks as part of the word count so make sure that you specify the characters or the text that you would like the program to calculate.

To calculate total word count is a must especially for those who are writing articles, novels and other types of writing. This is because most of the time, they are required to stay within particular numbers of words. Typically, this is the case in legal proceedings, advertising, academia and journalism. Another use for word count is to measure the readability of the piece of writing. Writers usually have to know that their entry will capture the interest of the readers, which is why they frequently have to calculate the total number of words for reading ease. Aside from that, word count is also utilized to classify the documents based upon the length. For example, if you have a document that has more than forty thousand words, it is considered as a novel already. If it has only around seven thousand words, then it is just a short story.

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