The next musical number happens

The next musical number happens at the gym during basketball practice. Troy and Chad (played by Corbin Bleu) sang Get’cha Head in the Game. A reminder to the whole team that the only way they can win the championship is for the whole team to focus on their basketball games.

Ryan and Sharpay (played by Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale respectively) are the sibling tandem that Troy and Gabriela go against in the auditions for the school’s winter musical- Twinkle Town.

During the first audition Sharpay and Ryan sing a funky version of “What I’ve been Looking For”. Wearing some fun costume Ryan and Sharpay give the audition their best and make the whole experience for them and for drama teacher Ms. Darbus.

After all the other teens who have auditioned for musical have already left the auditorium, Troy Bolton and Gabriela Montez sang a ballad version of “What I’ve Been Looking For”. It’s just how Kelsi, the song writer created the song, and Ms. Darbus also became impressed. This audition is what caused Troy and Gabriela to be called back to audition again for the lead roles against Sharpay and Ryan.

When Sharpay learns of the call backs and who she’s up against she gets seriously upset that the new girl who happens to be a geek is now a top contender for the lead role. She sings “Stick to the Status Quo” with the characters Zeke, the Brainiacs in school, the Skater dudes, Martha, the Basketball team and other cliques at the school. The song conveyed Sharpay’s feelings regarding school jocks and geeks getting into the high school play. She wants everyone to stick to keep everyone sticking to their cliques and single interests

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