“The Omega Man” Rip-Off Worth Seeing

“I Am Legend (2007)” is a rip-off of Charlton Heston’s cult classic “The Omega Man (1971)” down to the zombies coming out at sundown. But it’s an excellent rip-off thanks to Will Smith’s good acting, and immense production values pumped into this expensive production which was sorely lacking in the original.

In this dystopian nightmare of a post-apocalyptic and post-plague New York City, we are treated to the heartbreak of a world with a single survivor, the scientist Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) and his German shepherd (and boy, can that dog act!). Will Smith carries the movie all on his own for quite a while until we come across the first other human-zombie. That’s quite a feat.

All stores and streets are empty and “free” but what is value of such freedom when there’s nobody to share it with?

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