The Selfing Process Series – Poise, Posture and Movement – Step 2 of 5

I believe we project our best image when we demonstrate perfect posture; which seems to be a dying attribute these days. When an average woman demonstrates good posture she is revered for her confidence and often her attractiveness. Posture maintenance is a wonderful way to build confidence and feel better about yourself. Your body will love you for it. Your body will begin to show itself off because it feels so much better. Almost immediately you begin to receive positive responses from others, which will reinforce your behavior.

Posture perfect is more than sitting and standing up straight, although these are important factors to remember. With increased knowledge about your body, good posture can be obtained rather quickly. Good posture relieves tension and strain. It’s not being stuffy, stiff or rigid. It helps you to relax into your body’s natural positions. Allowing you to move about effortlessly with poise and grace-demonstrating poetry in motion.

Consider these four steps to acquire perfect posture.

  1. Alignment-when your body is properly aligned it will move like a well-oiled machine. You will walk and move about painlessly and effortlessly, giving the illusion of gliding. When your body is aligned properly your ears are over your shoulders; your shoulders are over your hips and your hips are over your ankles and your toes point straight ahead. When your body is misaligned you will know it because of tension or even pain.
  2. Balance-when your body is balanced it equates to wellness. Being balanced means, “knowing one’s center” and being able to access it at will. When you acquire a real sense of balance, others will inquire about your beauty secrets because you will begin to move like a ballet dancer, becoming extremely attractive.
  3. Symmetry-you must pay close attention to your body and constantly seek symmetry, which is having “balanced body proportions.” Your body can become off-balanced or asymmetric from everyday life, like carrying your baby on one hip often. One side of your body may be stronger than the other; which affects your balance. If for whatever reason you are asymmetric, fitness training can help by working on distributing strength, flexibility and range of motion equally.
  4. Back Health-one of the main causes of poor posture is a lack of good back health and one of the main causes of back pain is poor posture. So, it’s time to break the cycle by strengthening and stretching our entire back. Perhaps its time you tried Yoga or Pilates.

Maintaining good posture is beautiful and functional. It relieves pain, prevents future pain and gives you an air of royal elegance. Try it on for yourself.

Chloé Taylor Brown is the president and CEO of Total Image Enhancement, a business development and lifestyle specialist firm in Atlanta, Georgia–USA. She is an image enhancement and lifestyle specialist, life by design POWER coach, author, and speaker. Her secret formula is her gift of combining personal experiences with cutting-edge techniques and systems to deliver powerful keynotes, presentations and workshops that get people out of their head and into their life,

She also provides one-on-one POWER coaching to executives, entertainers, socialites, and individuals in transition, as well as image power training and team building workshops to organizations like The Home Depot, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Avon Corporation, Georgia Institute of Technology and others.


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