Verily ALLAH and His Angels discuss salaat on the Prophet, Oh You who Believe! Require ALLAH’s gifts on Him and welcome Him saying harmony be unto you. Suratul Ahzaab: Ayah 56.

ALLAH Ta’ala has told numerous things in the Holy Quran like salaat, fasting, hajj and so on He Ta’ala has likewise referenced the existences of a considerable lot of the Ambiya alayhim us salaam and has regarded them and stressed their grandiose status; in any event, reviewing how the heavenly messengers were instructed to prostrate before Sayyidina Adam alayhis salaam.

In any case, there is just a single novel order which ALLAH Ta’ala states that He Himself performs and has told the Believers to follow after accordingly – and that is the prudence of darud. No other activity is there that compares with this.

A couple of focuses should be noted about the ayah wherein the Holy Prophet (saw) is regarded so perfectly by Rabbul Alameen. The first is that the ayah starts with “inna”. The understudies of Arabic will reveal to us that this word shows a solid accentuation and is utilized to underline the activity which follows it. The second point deserving of note is that the strained utilized in this ayah is current state and this demonstrates that the move is constant and making place consistently. SubhanALLAH!

Some may imagine that we are doing the Holy Prophet (saw) some help or are expanding His Greatness and Rank when we ourselves discuss darud upon Him however this is a confusion and something not in accordance with the real world. When ALLAH Ta’ala has pronounced Himself to discuss salaat upon the Nabi, do we truly feel that the salaat of any of the creation will have a molecules weight of effect to the status previously gave to Nabi (saw) by ALLAH Ta’ala? Clearly not.

So this brings up the issue that for what reason would we say we are being told to require ALLAH’s favoring upon Sayyidina Rasulullah (saw)?

The response to this can be found in numerous ahadeeth, including:

Sayyidina Anas reports that the Nabi (saw) said: “In whosoever’s essence my name is referenced he ought to discuss salaat on me and whosoever presents salaat on me once, on him will ALLAH send ten leniencies, and excuse ten sins and furthermore raise his rank multiple times.

(Ahmad, Nasa’ee, Ibn HIbbaan.)

So we can see that, ALLAH Ta’ala in His Infinite Mercy, awards us beatitude and gift and great when we recount salaat upon the Nabi (saw). That is without a doubt an extraordinary present for us and an incredible prize. There is no deficiency or stock-taking with regards to the fortunes of ALLAH for they are massive and profound. How forgiving is our ALLAH that simple expression of a couple of short words in adoration and regard and honor of the Holy Messenger become a methods for our salvation and a methods for our own honor?

There are numerous books accessible with various daruds however as per my Teachers darud or salaat is classed as those words or forms of darud which are set up from the Ahadeeth and are as educated by the Holy Prophet (saw). Different sorts which individuals have worked out of adoration and regard are not classed as darud but instead go under the flag of “naat” or verse in recognition of the Prophet (saw). Further – they have instructed us that the most amazing aspect daruds is Darud e Ibraheemi for example the one which is most normally and broadly read toward the finish of the petition and this is the one we should attempt to discuss frequently.

May ALLAH Ta’ala award us all the capacity to satisfy at any rate this small part of religion and make our tongues soggy with the darud of Final Prophet (saw) and through it might our hearts be adored with genuine regard and acquiescence to ALLAH and His Messenger – so be it

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