Three Common Webmaster Mistakes

When you are designing a website, typically one of the main goals is to keep it neat and organized so that visitors can easily find their way around. This will ensure that the visitor knows exactly what they are doing once they land on your page without any confusion. At times, there are huge mistakes that webmasters commit which ultimately confuse their visitors resulting in them pressing back instead of exploring your site’s content.

This is not nearly as common as it used to be, but some sites are still using a splash page. This is a simple page with a logo that requires the visitor to click a link to enter the site. This is just an extra confusing step that your visitor is going through to read your content. Get rid of these types of splash pages. webmastershall If you want to “brand” your website, use logos in your header that visitors will become familiar with.

A page that loads too slowly is one of the best ways to lose visitors. Some sites have so many widgets and features on each page that it takes an annoyingly long time to actually get to the content. If the page does not load up in a few seconds on your average broadband connection, get rid of the extra unnecessary features.

One of the most common mistakes is having a header that is too large. You will know your header is too big if you can’t see the content of the article unless you actually scroll down. In the mean time, a visitor lands on the page and just sees a giant header graphic that is more than 600 pixels tall. It is acceptable to have some depth to your header with pictures and a navigation menu, but if you can’t see the title of the content and a few sentences on your average screen, it is simply too big.

Many webmasters tend to make some common mistakes that will end up in visitors leaving the site as opposed to reading the content. Avoid having splash pages, pages that load too slow, and header graphics that are more than 600 pixels tall or else your visitors will leave the site confused.

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