Top 5 Strategies For Eliminating Burping

Do you know someone who burps on a regular basis? Do you? If so, I’d bet you’d like to know how to put a stop to the burping, wouldn’t you? Actually, it’s not that hard to do, as long as you are aware of the main cause and how to control it.

Here are the top five strategies for eliminating burping that you can pass on to the annoying co-worker that burps all the time, or use for your own use.

1. Pay Attention To Air

Did you know that you can swallow up to five ounces of air each time you swallow? Those who are anxious or nervous generally tend to swallow frequently, increasing the amount of air in their stomachs. As air in your stomach is the cause of burping, there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of air you are swallowing.

First – take note of how often you swallow. If you are conscious of this, you will likely swallow less. On top of this, other steps to reduce air in your stomach include:

how to get yourself to burp

Avoiding carbonated beverages

Eating slowly and chewing your food completely

Eating with your mouth closed

Avoid Chewing Gum

Drink via a straw and not out of cans or bottles

Avoid foods and beverages with a high content of air in them such as ice cream, omelets, whipped cream, beer and souffles.

2. Eat Small Meals

It simply stands to reason the more you eat, the more air you are swallowing. Try eating 5 or 6 smaller meals each day instead of three larger meals.

3. When All Else Fails….

If you are a chronic air swallower, you will belch until the cows come home. The good news is that even chronic belchers can be helped. Don’t be afraid to see a counsellor or psychologist for relaxation exercises to help you with your nervous / excessive air swallowing habit.

4. Dump The Gassy Treats

You’ll find that when you eat treats, you normally eat them faster than regular foods, meaning more air gets into your system. Even with food like steak, if you aren’t careful to cut it into small enough pieces, you’ll be ingesting a lot more air that you want to.

5. Antacids

A number of digestive experts suggest using an Over the Counter antacid that contains simethicone, such as Di-Gel or Mylanta. The simethicone helps break up large air bubbles into smaller ones inside the stomach which will help decrease burping.

If you’ve got – or know someone who’s got – a burping problem, these five tips should get you (or them) well on the way to eliminating this most embarrassing of situations.

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