Why I Love Native American Movies

Since childhood, I have been greatly fascinated by Native American Movies. Although, my priorities for watching these movies have changed with age and time but my love for them have always remained constant. I am writing this article to tell you the ten reasons why I simply adore these movies. My reasons may make you watch them too, so here I go!!!

I was brought up in Europe and was always attracted toward the enchanting American part of the world. These movies provided me a good chance to learn about the Native American culture. One of my favorite hobbies is to learn about different cultures and lifestyles about people – – therefore, I bring home any DVD that lets me enhance my knowledge about people in the world and the varied customs and cultures. These American movies are a clear reflection of the American culture.

I love the setting of the movies – – a mixture of urban and rural setting. It is deeply imaginative and poetic for me.

I love the look of their heroes – – they look macho and manly.

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